MoE gives new date AGAIN for BECE 2023 Senior High schools selection

MoE gives new date AGAIN for BECE 2023 Senior High schools selection
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The Ministry of Education  (MoE) has given a new date again for the 2023 BECE candidates’ selection of Senior High schools by parents, schools and guardians for the 2023 BECE candidates who sat their Junior High school-leaving examination between 7th August and 11th August 2023.

This is the third time the MoE and the Ghana Education Service have changed the date for the selection of schools.

The postponed 2023 School Selection Sensitization which was postponed by the outfit was held recently and ended on September 15, 2023.

However, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has disclosed that effective Monday, 18th September 2023 the 2023 School Selection Process will begin for this year’s BECE graduates.

The BECE 2023 Senior High schools selection information sighted by this portal and emanating from credible sources from the Education Ministry hinted that the school selection will be carried out this time round.

In all, per the new school selection criteria, 2023 BECE graduates will be selecting up to 110 school for consideration during the school placement proper. This new system, among other things, aims at helping reduce self placement challenges, and ensure that candidates get placed during the school placement.

The 11 schools selected by the candidates will be subdivided into two sets of choices. The first set of schools will be made up of 6 schools, whiles the second set will contain 5 schools.

An official of the Education Ministry disclosed that the 2023 School Selection Sensitization which ended on 15th September was a success and called on parents to be equally involved in the actual school selection of their wards.

“We urge parents/guardians of the students who participated in the 2023 BECE to from Monday, September 18, 2023, take a keen interest in their ward’s second cycle school selection for onward computer placement,” the MoE official said.

In all, 600,714 candidates who took part in the 2023 BECE administered by WAEC will be selecting 11 schools each from the over 900 free public senior high, vocational and technical schools as well as available private senior high schools in Ghana.

Parents are advised to ensure that they select schools for their wards by considering the following suggestions.

The following are our BECE 2023 Senior High schools selection tips and advise to parents and all stakeholders

  1. Select schools based on the candidate’s academic performance and chances, and not based on mere taste and preference for specific schools and programmes.
  2. Parents should consider the career path of their wards and use that to choose schools.
  3. Note that schools are grouped into the various categories based on facilities and not their academic performance at the WASSCE.
  4. Your ward can be placed in any of the 11 schools or none based on their performance and the competition offered by other candidates who choose the same schools.
  5. Placement of 2023 BECE graduates into any 023 Schools selected will be based on merit.
  6. 2023 BECE candidates who sat for the examination and were presented by public basic schools stand a better chance of being placed in any secondary school of their choice due to the 30% placement spaces allocated by the government for them.
  7. It is never compulsory for that your first choice should be a Category A school. Choosing such a school when your academic strength is not very competitive will only lead to increased competition and lost opportunities in category B schools.

Parents and candidates are advised to make informed choices.


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