25 Essential Math Tips and Formulae for BECE and WASSCE Exams

Math Tips and Formulae for BECE and WASSCE
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As students prepare for their exam, we  are sharing 25 essential Math Tips and Formulae for BECE and WASSCE Exams. students are encouraged to make very good use of these tips to help them improve on their maths foundation and preparation for the up coming examinations.

Without wasting time, lets jump right into the Math Tips and Formulae for BECE and WASSCE .


25 Essential Math Tips and Formulae for BECE and WASSCE Exams


Number Operations:

  1. Order of Operations (PEMDAS): Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication/Division (left to right), Addition/Subtraction (left to right). Use it consistently to avoid errors.

Example: 2 + 3 x 4 = 2 + 12 = 14

  1. Factors and Multiples: Know the difference and how to find them for given numbers.

Example: Find the factors of 12. (Answer: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12)

  1. HCF and LCM: Understand their meaning and learn methods to find them efficiently.

Example: Find the HCF of 18 and 24. (Answer: 6)

All Algebra Tips and Formulae for BECE and WASSCE Exams

  1. Simplifying expressions: Combine like terms, use properties of operations (distributive, negative signs).

Example: Simplify 2x + 3x – 5 + 2 = 5x – 3

  1. Solving linear equations: Learn various methods like transposition, elimination, substitution.

Example: Solve 2x + 5 = 11. (Answer: x = 3)

  1. Formulas: Master basic formulas like area, perimeter, volume of common shapes.

Example: Find the area of a rectangle with length 5 cm and width 4 cm. (Answer: 20 cm²)


  1. Angles and their properties: Understand types of angles (acute, obtuse, complementary, supplementary), angle sum theorems in triangles and polygons.

Example: Find the missing angle in a triangle if two angles are 45° and 60°. (Answer: 75°)

  1. Pythagorean theorem: Learn it by heart and apply it to right-angled triangles.

Example: Find the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle with sides 3 cm and 4 cm. (Answer: 5 cm)

  1. Circles: Know formulas for circumference, area, and understand concepts like tangent, radius, diameter.

Example: Find the area of a circle with radius 7 cm. (Answer: 154 cm²)

All Statistics and Probability Tips and Formulae for BECE and WASSCE Exams

  1. Mean, median, mode: Understand their definitions and methods to calculate them for data sets.

Example: Find the mean, median, and mode of the data set {2, 4, 5, 5, 7}.

  1. Probability: Learn basic concepts like events, sample space, and use formulas for simple probability calculations.

Example: If a coin is tossed, what is the probability of getting a head? (Answer: 1/2)

Mensuration Tips and Formulae for BECE and WASSCE Exams

  1. Speed, distance, and time: Master the formula: speed = distance/time and apply it to solve problems.

Example: A car travels 120 km in 2 hours. What is its speed? (Answer: 60 km/h)

  1. Volume and surface area of basic shapes: Know formulas for cylinders, cones, spheres, and apply them to calculate volumes and surface areas.

Example: Find the volume of a cylinder with radius 5 cm and height 10 cm. (Answer: 250π cm³)

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Additional Tips:

  1. Read questions carefully: Identify key information, units, and what is being asked.

  2. Show your work: Write down each step clearly, even if it seems simple.

  3. Check units: Ensure units are consistent throughout your calculations.

  4. Estimate the answer: This helps gauge if your final answer is reasonable.

  5. Practice regularly: Solve various types of problems to build confidence and speed.

  6. Review past papers: Get familiar with exam format and question styles.

  7. Organize your work: Use diagrams, tables, and clear headings to present your solutions.

  8. Time management: Allocate time efficiently based on the difficulty of each question.

  9. Don’t panic: Stay calm, reread the question, and try a different approach if stuck.

  10. Review your answers: Check for careless mistakes before submitting your paper.

  11. Seek help: Ask your teachers or tutors for clarification on concepts you struggle with.

  12. Believe in yourself: Stay positive and focused, your hard work will pay off!

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Remember, mastering these 25 Essential Math Tips and Formulae for BECE and WASSCE Exams takes practice and dedication. Good luck with your exams!

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